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Victory of Socialism, Historical Inevitability

The process of development of human society is a history of struggle of the masses of the people for their independence. In the protracted course of history, social systems have been replaced repeatedly as they were anti-popular systems which resorted to the oppression and obliteration of the independence of the people. The masses of the people have longed for a new social system which would champion and ensure their independence, and made strenuous efforts to realize it. It resulted in the emergence of socialism. 

Socialism is a noble ideal and revolutionary banner of the people fighting for independence. The independence of the people could not be realized in the previous societies because all of them were based on individualism. A society based on private ownership and individualism spawned by it is bound to divide itself into classes hostile to one another. In the long run, it leads to class antagonism, social inequality, and exploitation and oppression of the masses by a handful of the ruling class. In order to realize the independence of the masses it is necessary to overturn the society based on individualism and build a society based on collectivism–a socialist society. This is precisely the historical review of the development of human society. 

The current realities of the international community clearly substantiate it. The hostile contradictions of the capitalist society based on individualism are being carried to an extreme. The phenomena of the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer are further widespread, with the result that a tiny handful of 100 households are now owning property outmeasuring those of 2 000 million people. Several years ago when the US administration attempted to provide colossal amount of national fund to its monopoly financial giants on the verge of bankruptcy, many demonstrators paraded through the streets, shouting slogans, “Don’t pour the blood of the poor into the property of the rich”, “Don’t rescue the Wall Street but the workers”, “Socialism delivers the poor from crisis”, and the like. This eloquently proves that only socialism is a society which defends and realizes the independent rights and interests of the masses of the people. 

Man can transform nature and society and carve out his destiny, not individually, but through collective cooperation of the members of a society. It is a way of human existence to form a social collective and work there, and the independent demand of a human being can be met satisfactorily only through collectivism. The socialist society based on collectivism is indeed the most advanced and advantageous society congenial to the independent nature of human being. 

The imperialists make last-ditch efforts in order to arrest the aspiration of humankind after socialism and stamp it out. In the closing years of the last century socialism experienced a temporary setback owing to the mean tricks employed by the imperialist forces to overthrow socialism, including bribing of the renegades of socialism.

The fact that the imperialists are trying hard to wipe out socialism proves the superiority of socialism over capitalism. If capitalism is superior to socialism, they will have no need to make desperate efforts to destroy the latter by employing all kinds of methods such as military arbitrariness, psychological warfare and economic blockade. For fear of the fact that the world capitalist system will be totally crumbled by the attraction and influence of socialism in case the socialist countries are left as they are, they are resorting to every possible means and methods. 

This notwithstanding, the more desperate efforts they make the stronger the struggle becomes to defend and advance socialism. The trend of aspiration for socialism is conspicuous in Latin America, too, which has been called a “quite backyard” of the United States. 

In April 1992, 70 political parties aspiring to socialism, including communist and workers’ parties of the world, signed and made public the Pyongyang Declaration “Let us defend and advance the cause of socialism.” This served as a historic momentum which dealt a heavy blow at the imperialists who had dreamt of “complete end of socialism on this planet,” availing themselves of the collapse of socialism in some countries, and which made it possible to advance the world socialist movement along a new orbit. The number of political parties that signed the Pyongyang Declaration saw an increase of over 270. The socialist cause, the independent cause of the people, has broken through the passing crisis and made fresh strides, bringing about a great change in the political circles of the world.

The realities of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea demonstrating its dignified appearance as an invincible bulwark which opposes imperialism and staunchly defends the cause of socialism instill great confidence and courage in the minds of the peoples throughout the world. Thanks to the wise guidance of the dear respected Marshal Kim Jong Un, the Korean people are resolutely frustrating the anti-socialist offensive of imperialism by directing great efforts to the buildup of self-defensive forces and, at the same time, pushing forward their drive to build a powerful Paektusan nation.

The cause of socialism will continue to make a vigorous advance towards the complete victory.

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