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Vigorous action against war

The US and south Korean military warmongers are going mad with war games including aerial reconnaissance against north Korea.


 Ballistic missile launching drill of the south Korean army


The US aerial espionage against north Korea



The US Air Force in south Korea and the south Korean marine corps are executing flight and marine exercises against north Korea (May, 2020)


 Broad segments of south Koran people are raising their voices in denunciation of reckless north Korea-targeted war drill of the US and south Korean warmongers


 The south Korean students are condemning the US pressure of hike of defense share cost


The south Koran people from all walks of life are holding a rally to demand dissolution of the south Korea-US alliance and protest against increase of upkeep for the US troops in south Korea


A student is holding one-man demonstration to demand

withdrawal of the US troops out of south Korea


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