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Vigorous action for building a reunified nation

The Korean nation significantly celebrated the May Day, international holiday of the working people the world over, amid their action to build a reunified country.

North Korean workers marked the May Day at a time when they are working eye-opening miracles in building a prosperous nation. 
Broad segments of south Korean working people celebrated the May Day with their will to attain independence, democracy and the right to live by the united efforts of the working class and to write a new history of peace and reunification of the Korean Peninsula.

A rally was held at Seoul Square on May 1 with the attendance of more than 10 000 members of the south Korean Confederation of Trade Unions.

The speakers stressed the need to fight it out for the revision of the labor law, abolition of part-time jobs, conglomerate reform and the abolition of other labor evils and for the provision of the right to labor.

They urged to stop the structuring which deprives workers of their jobs and to turn part-time jobs into full-time jobs and immediately raise the lowest wage.

The organization waged a demonstration along the downtown after the rally.

The Korean Federation of Trade Unions sponsored marathon rally with the attendance of its unionists and part-timers.

It called for providing workers with good jobs and building society where labor is respected.

Now the south Korean workers from all walks of life are launching a widespread campaign for national independence, peace and reunification in the spirit of toppled down the Park Geun-hye regime on the strength of candlelight resistance.  

Thanks to the proactive step and sincere efforts of north Korea, the historic third inter-Korean summit and the publication of Panmunjeom Declaration, a wide avenue to independence, peace, inter-Korean relationship and national prosperity is being opened.  

The working people of the north and the south of Korea should wage a vigorous action for accomplishing the cause of national independence and national reunification under the banner of the Korean nation itself.

The north and south Korean workers should stand in the van of widespread action and resolutely foil all anti-reunification moves wrecking peace and obstructing independent reunification by dint of their unity.

The dawn of reunification will surely come true only when the workers and people make a steady progress hand in hand.  
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