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Violent passion and joy

Upon the receipt of the Chairman Kim Jong Un’s New Year Address for 2019, the south Korean political and economic circles and press highly speak of his new year address.

Through their spokespersons’ commentary, the Democratic Party, the Party for Democracy and Peace and the Justice Party said that Chairman Kim Jong Un in his new year address defined the Panmunjeom Declaration, the September Pyongyang Joint Declaration and the north-south agreement in the military field as the declaration of nonaggression. They welcomed his emphasis on building of a durable peace regime and his firm will to develop inter-Korean relations.

“We wish Chairman Kim Jong Un who is magnanimous and bold a Happy New Year”, “His new year address reflects his self-confidence”, “We hope a lasting peace would settle on the Korean Peninsula”, “We wish inter-Korean peace in this year”, “Toward peace and prosperity in 2019”, “Let us live harmoniously through mutual visits and tour of Mts. Paektu and Geumgang” and “Let us drive out the foreign force to reunify the country”: these are articles posted on the south Korean websites.

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un said in his new year address that we are willing to resume the Gaeseong Industrial Park and Mt. Geumgang tourism without any precondition and in return for nothing, in consideration of the hard conditions of business persons of the south side who had advanced into the Gaeseong Industrial Park and the desire of southern compatriots who are eager to visit the nation’s celebrated mountain. The south Korean economic circle welcomed it.

In its commentary, the emergency measure committee of the business groups in the Gaeseong Industrial Park hailed Chairman Kim Jong Un’s firm will to resume the Gaeseong Industrial Park. The resumption of the Gaeseong Industrial Park is an ardent desire of the business groups which are on the verge of bankruptcy and through his new year address they could have a fresh hope.

The resumption of Gaeseong Industrial Park, a first step of peace and prosperity of the Korean Peninsula and a bridge between inter-Korean ties, is irrelevant to sanctions against north Korea, it said. It strongly urged the government to allow businessmen’s visit to north Korea.

Officials of the Hyundai Group ardently wished improvement of inter-Korean relationship and resumption of Mt. Geumgang tourism. Broad segments of south Korean people would welcome the historic new year address made by Chairman Kim Jong Un that is filled with fervent compatriotism.  
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