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Volume 1 of “Kim Jong Un Era Studies” Published

     Recently, volume 1 of “Kim Jong Un Era Studies” dealing with the great personality of General Secretary Kim Jong Un was published in south Korea.

It was written by Park Gyeong-sun, a historian of 63 years.

The writer stressed that the announcement of opening up of Kim Jong Un era in 2012 to mark the 100th birth anniversary of President Kim Il Sung is one of the inevitabilities of history.

She said that this book was written with a purpose for giving a clear answer to how significant the north’s change in the last 10 years is for the Korean nation.

The preface to this book tells what the grand strategic idea of General Secretary Kim Jong Un, who has brought about miraculous victory to be specially recorded in history by dint of self-reliance for the past 10 years, is and how it is being put into practice, and how it will be carried out in future in relation to the details of political, economic, military and cultural achievements.

The first part of volume 1 titled “How was Kim Jong Un era prepared?” asserts that it is one of the inevitabilities of history that Kim Jong Un was elected as the successor of Chairman Kim Jong Il.

Second part describes his philosophy, idea, political line and policy.

The publication of volume 1 of “Kim Jong Un Era Studies” proves that nothing can check the national desire for respecting and following the sun of the nation, a peerless patriot.

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