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War maneuvers against North Korea

The south Korean war maniacs are wild about war maneuvers against north Korea from early new year.

The brass hats of the south Korean military including the Minister of the Defense Ministry Chung Gyeong-doo and the chairman of the Chiefs of Staff Park Han-gee commanded war exercises against north Korea on the sky, sea and the land.

Especially Chung, at a meeting, asserted south Korea should strengthen its own strength, taking issue with the north Korea’s military measure for self-defense.

 The south Korean belligerent force become more brazen in military confrontation against north Korea, introducing advanced war hardware including stealth fighters and building up its war potentials.

The peace and the safety of the Korean Peninsula are being seriously threatened due to the double-dealing behavior of the brass hats of the south Korean military.

Their reckless acts of the military confrontation are bound to come under accusation and rebuff of the Korean nation.

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