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Warm Love for People

Marshal Kim Jong Unvisits a family of working people who moved to new flats in Changjon Street

Warm Love for People
In his speech made in the military parade held in celebration of the centenary of the birth of President Kim Il Sung, supreme leader Kim Jong Un said:

It is a firm determination of our Party to ensure that our people, who are the best in the world and who have remained faithful to the Party in the face of all manner of difficulties, do not have to tighten their belts again, but enjoy all the benefits of socialism.

The remarks were a solemn pledge he made to the country and people and his political idea he elucidated to the world at the watershed in history marking the start of a new century of the Juche era and a declaration of his iron will to realize it.

Looking at the people wailing for the lost father of the nation in December last year, he said the Koreans are a very good people and called for working hard for the best people in the world and working for them in the spirit of devoted service. 

Such a resolve cannot come only out of a sense duty he assumes on behalf of history.
It can be explained only by the natural gift of great love for the people he inherited from Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il

Kim Il Sung was always on the journey for the people, saying that philosophy, literature and political economy are all found among them and telling officials to go among them at all times whether they are hungry, thirsty or sad. 

Kim Jong Il, who always regarded the people as his God and said they are superior to him, he is their son and his whole life boils down to the word “people”, passed away on the people-bound train. 

As he embarked on the road of revolution by keeping in his mind the noble idea and creed of “The people are my God” cherished by the great leaders, the supreme leader gives top priority to the interests of the people and regards devotion to them as the need of his life and the order of his heart. 

He visited the construction site of the Rungna People’s Pleasure Park on several occasions to ensure that it was built as a world-level park. 

He went up the stairs to the top of a water slide, climbed and down the stairs without railings during the inspection tours of structures under construction and told officials about his plan by drawing it on the spot in the dust wind. 

He inspected the Ryugyong Health Complex and the People’s Outdoor Ice Rink which were nearing completion in the sweltering weather in late July. He went into dry, wet and pine saunas to examine the temperature and urged officials to build the structures perfectly by making more exact demand with the consciousness that one should never feel contented in work for the people. 

His modest qualities and noble outlook on the people could be seen through his visits in early September to families who moved to flats in Changjon Street. 

He told the family members that it is the traditional custom of the Korean nation to take a match to visit a new home, but he brought household appliances with him because he could not bring match only. He sat on the floor knee-to-knee with the family members, talked with them about the family life, wished the children a happy future and poured liquor into the glasses of the family members in congratulation of their relocation.

Today the Korean people are making endeavors to accelerate the prosperous future of the country, rallied around Marshal Kim Jong Un who makes a new history of warm love for the people.
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