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We Are the Happiest in the World!

The future of a country depends on the new generation.

Therefore, training the younger generation is a very important far-sighted program decisive of the future and destiny of a country.

However, the children who will carry the future of the nation have not been protected and benefited throughout the world.

The typical example is the south Korean children.

They are victims to all kinds of social evils. They have been groaning under misgovernment of the reactionary ruling circles and they are sold even abroad. These are the miserable realities of hellish south Korean society that has no prospects.

Ferry Sewol disaster in April, 2014 has proved the realities.

The south Korean authorities belittle the life of humankind and, when the ferry sank, they did not go to rescue on time. As a result, nearly 400 young pupils were drowned in the sea.

South Korean people are heaping curses on south Korea while they are calling it as a ruined place. Their last beacon of hope is the DPRK, the world’s only paradise for children and public welfare.

Broad spectrum of south Korean people admire the happy lives of the DPRK children who are grown up as the heroes of thriving Korea in the days to come under the warm care of Chairman Kim Jong Un.

A head of laboratory of a futurology institute in south Korea wrote that the DPRK is a fairyland where the children are leading the happiest lives in the world and went on as followings.

In the DPRK, everything in the country serves the children and they are treated like a king.

 “We are the happiest in the world!” This is a symbolic sentence of happiness and gladness of the DPRK people from the bottom of their heart.

Only imagination can arouse the admiration of the public. The masters of the fairyland cannot help repressing their appreciation that they are the happiest in the world.

The DPRK is a blessed land and fairyland for the children.

Gazing enraptured at the happy lives of the children, a south Korean woman who has been to Pyongyang expressed her mind as followings.

It is wonderful everywhere in the DPRK. Kim Jong Suk Nursery, Pyongyang Maternity Hospital, Changgwang Kindergarten, Pyongyang Schoolchildren’s Palace, Songdowon International Children’s Camp…

The DPRK children are strange to sorrowfulness from their birth.

They are born in the palatial maternity hospitals. They take their first steps and sing happy songs in the nurseries and kindergartens. They are grown up as the pillars of the future in the schoolchildren’s palaces and schools happily.

They are in a contrast to the south Korean children who suffer the family discord and social chaos in the desert of human love. I am green with envy.

These are the expressions of respects and appreciations of the world people as well as the south Korean people to the great leaders who built the land of promise in the DPRK.

From the birth of life, the DPRK children take their lives benefited by the country for granted.

Their blessed lives are the noble fruition by the tireless efforts of Chairman Kim Jong Un who puts forward the children as king of country and finds himself the greatest pleasure in labor for people. He succeeds to the great will of President Kim Il Sungand Leader Kim Jong Il who devoted their heart and soul for the happiness of the new generation.

His affection breathe through his speeches at the congress of the Korean Children’s Union and in the newly built houses for children and they are implied in the buildings such as children’s camps, orphanages, children’s hospital.

Chairman Kim Jong Un participated the national meeting of the KCU held in celebration of the 66th anniversary of its founding to offer warm congratulations and took benevolent measures to commemorate the 70th anniversary this year.

All children and people have a great reverence and affection for Chairman Kim Jong Un who creates the unprecedented new history of love for the younger generation and provides them with the happiest life.

The reverence and affection are embodied in the song of “We are the happiest in the world”. The day, when it reverberate far and wide in a prosperous reunified country led by the Chairman Kim Jong Un, is not far off.
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