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We have nothing to envy in the world

Now the children of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea thrive as the pillar of Songun Korea, singing the song “We are the happiest in the world.”

These amazing realities were produced by President Kim Il Sungand Chairman Kim Jong Il and are being produced by Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.

Here are some stories dealing with the great persons’ love for the younger generation.

Grapery in the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun

President Kim Il Sung sent well-ripe grape in the then grapery of the Kumsusan Assembly Hall to the children, king of the country, of nurseries and kindergartens in Pyongyang year by year. 

After the demise of the President, Chairman Kim Jong Il sent the grape in the grapery of the then Kumsusan Memorial Palace to the children of the nurseries and kindergartens in Pyongyang. 

Kim Jong Un, who inherited the preceding leaders’ outlook on posterity, sent the grape in the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun associated with their love for them to the children of the nurseries and kindergartens in Pyongyang.

In the days of tour in Pyongyang

Kim Jong Un inspected islet-defending units at the hottest spots in the southernmost tip of the southwest front and bestowed gracious affection on the pupils in the islet spend their summer vacation in Pyongyang.

The pupils were overcome with great joy when they arrived at Pyongyang.

The Pyongyang citizens and other officials, who heard of Kim Jong Un’s warm love for them, received them with open arms and gave them warm hospitality.   

They visited many places including the old home at Mangyongdae where President Kim Il Sung was born, the Tower of Juche Idea, the Arch of Triumph, the Revolutionary Martyrs Cemetery on Mt. Taesong, the Three-Revolution Exhibition House, the Korean Central History Museum, the Mangyongdae School Children’s Palace, the Monument to the Victorious Fatherland Liberation War and the Changjon Street during their stay in Pyongyang. 

They spent pleasant time at the Kaeson Youth Park, the Taesongsan Fun Fair, the Central Zoo, the Rungra Dolphin Aquarium and had full meals at famous restaurants like Okryu and Chongryu restaurants in Pyongyang 

They, who knew that Kim Jong Un showed his meticulous concern to their itinerary, cheered “Thank you Marshal Kim Jong Un” with tears and sang the song “We are the happiest in the world” at the top of their throats.

 “Thank You Marshal Kim Jong Un

Kim Jong Un visited the baby home and orphanage in Pyongyang on February 3.

The children rushed to him and called him “father!” at the top of their lungs.

His eyes shone with tears when he gently patted children on the cheeks for a while in his arms. He kindly asked them how old they were and if they had any trouble.

Boys showed their clothes to the Marshal he sent for them and girls had a laugh with their frontlets in patches and cosmos-new brand hairpins. They were the children of happiness unheard-of in the world. 

Their song “Thank You Marshal Kim Jong Un” was exclamation of their thanks to the Marshal as he provided them with nice dresses in every season and sent them even confectionery, fishes, fruits and honey.

He folded the children in his arms and wished them a happy future. He acquainted himself in detail with the conditions for upbringing and education and living environment, looking around the orphanage.
He pondered over the sleeping time of the children and asked the officials of the orphanage to ensure appropriate temperature in the rooms so that the children should not catch cold.

Sumptuous meal, warm cradle and excellent educational conditions and environment are a prerequisite to raising children well, he said, adding that the Party will build baby home and orphanage of Pyongyang City on the picturesque bank of Taedong River.

The children extended their greetings to Kim Jong Unwho spares nothing for the rising generation.   

“Thank You Marshal Kim Jong Un.” 

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