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What is a true key to solution?

     Diplomacy is for the sake of interests of a nation. Its mission is to create international environment and circumstances for defending and promoting the national interests.  

It is a common affair of the world of diplomacy that making the sacrifice of a foreign country for profitability of its own country.

In this respect, stance of the south Korean authorities is sickening.

The submissive diplomacy of the Yoon Suk-yeol government is appalling and humiliating beyond expectation.

As he has been steeped in pro-US proclivity to the marrow of his bones in his early days, Yoon has carried out diplomatic policy inclined to the US.   

He pursues “dependence on security and economy on the US” in place of “dependence of security on the US and economy on China”, established the global comprehensive strategic alliance, takes part in the US-led containment policy against China and pressure upon Russia and clamors about tightening of the tripartite cooperation between south Korea, the US and Japan.    

His approach to north Korea is absurd and thoughtless.

The words “provocation” and “denunciation” pour out from the Yoon regime. The Yoon regime is upgrading the Lee Myung-bak clique’s  hardline policy toward north Korea by giving the green light to constant deployment of the strategic assets of the US and expansion of scale and duration of the south Korea-US joint military exercise.   

South Korea is steeped in an unquestioning belief in and submission to the US.

As the history proves the feudal Chosun dynasty met its miserable end with disgrace. The present reality shows that if a nation depends its security on a foreign nation a war is unavoidable.

South Korea would face a calamitous consequence if it pursues the present policy of diplomacy.

As is well known, the US has received an incredible amount of political and economic profits for over 70 years with its consistent policy of inter-Korean division and aggravating tension. It has put a brake on the national reconciliation of the Korean Peninsula.

Nevertheless, the Yoon government is playing a pivotal role as a shock brigade in executing the US strategy for world supremacy heedless of the national interests, accepting the political and military danger to be caused by the neighboring nations.    

It is needless to say that contemptible attitude of the Yoon government is originated from the sycophantic ideology and ignorance of Yoon.  

The ideology of independence should be restored and the idea of submitting to America should be liquidated.

The entire Korean nation will not deny it.

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