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What is blood tax for?

 Recently, the south Korean authorities try to purchase 20 Stealth fighters F-35A more after buying 40 fighters.

F-35A is a kind of mass of faults which cannot guarantee its performance.

910 technical defects were found when it was developed in 2006.

 The US Department of Defense admitted over 870 defects which cannot be fixed in the middle of January last year.

The Bloomburg exposed that F-35A had many defects including software and hardware though it had been installed with over 800 electronic parts through its annual reports.

The military experts express their doubts about capability of F-35A.

F-35A should be fixed only at abroad including the USA when it is out of order as the south Korean military authorities have no capacity to fix itself.

It takes over 90 days to fix it and it has not been allowed to be improved its performance without the approval of the US.

It takes 36 000 $ per hour for its running and tens of millions for its upkeep and arrangement annually.

F-35A is nothing but more trumpery.

It is foolish act to purchase such shabby things offering colossal amount of blood tax squeezed from the people.

Moreover, introduction of the military hardware from the US derails inter-Korean ties.

The present south Korean authorities have paid lip-service to “peace” in public and foment war crisis behind.

The broad spectrum of south Korean people denounce the double acts of the south Korean authorities as the main cause of deteriorating the inter-Korean ties and wrecking peace and inciting security unrest.

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