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What makes him charmed?

A south Korean online paper Jaju Sibo said that US President Trump lost his heart to Chairman Kim Jong Un of the DPRK State Affairs Commission. It is because of Kim Jong Un’s manly audacity, it continued.

In his course of life, Trump has not met a man such as Chairman Kim Jong Un who has a great pluck.  Maybe he built a relationship of mutual trust called “revolutionary comrade” beyond admiration, rivalry and feeling of respect, perhaps.   

The US has been indiscreet in employing means to strangle Pyongyang, however, Chairman Kim Jong Un remains unfazed. Far from giving a signal for surrender, he becomes stronger and hits the back of the US head.  

Trump is correctly appreciating Chairman Kim Jong Un’s inflexible grit to reunify the Korean Peninsula and live in harmony.  

No leaders in the world get praised by Trump, but Chairman Kim Jong Un draws praise from him.   

It is right that Chairman Kim Jong Un’s broad-minded pluck, unique and uncommon “letter diplomacy” captivated Trump. 

Trump, who raised his voice “fire and fury” and clamored the annihilation of north Korea, fell in love with the Supreme Leader of north Korea. It is true that his love is not fake, it claimed.

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