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Wise Teachings

Wise Teachings
President Kim Il Sung had a meeting with a delegation of the Revolutionary Party of Tanzania at the end of April of Juche 77 (1988).

The Revolutionary Party of Tanzania directed great efforts to strengthen the party in the face of “pluralism” that was in much vogue in Africa. The President, who grasped the actual circumstance of the party, told them the ways and methods of the party building. 

It is imperative to educate people in order to consolidate the party. If they are left without reeducation, their brains may be spoiled and become rusty, and in the long run they may degenerate. We help them rectify their defects, as they wash their faces every morning, said the President.

Nowadays, the parties of some countries are neglecting education. Consequently, those parties fail to strike root deep among the people. Only when the masses continually cultivate their minds through such education, can they remain ideologically sound and work faithfully with a revolutionary heart and attitude, the President stressed.

His teachings were precious one for the party building to be maintained not only by the Revolutionary Party of Tanzania but all parties of revolution.  
Like a Peach not Mango

One day of May, Juche 82 (1993), President Kim Il Sung met with a delegation of party from Africa that came to Pyongyang to learn the experience of building of the Workers’ Party of Korea.

At the talks, the members of the delegation referred to the President what is an ideal way of building a ruling party.

Holding a peach in his hand from the table, he said that a party should be built like a peach.

Pointing a finger at the peach, the revolution and construction would make good progress when the leader, party and the masses are united single-heartedly. The peach, figuratively speaking, the meat of it is likened to the masses, the seed the party and the core of seed the leader, the President noted. 

Unity without the nucleus is ineffective like a mango without seed, the President stated.

Understanding the meaning, the head of delegation said with joy, “Dear President, I will build the party like a peach of the DPRK when I go back home.”
One should take only that which suits one’s taste

One day of July Juche 74 (1985), President Kim Il Sung met and had a talk with a delegation of the communist party from Europe.

He affirmed their efforts to maintain independence and continued that as the revolution of each nation is carried out by their party, when introducing the experience of foreign parties, they assimilate only that which suits their tastes and reject that which do not, however good the experience may be. Figuratively speaking, even though someone offers a delicious biscuit, one should not take it if it does not suit one’s taste. If a person eats food which disagrees with him he may suffer indigestion or other illness.

The members of the delegation were deeply impressed with his greatness.

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