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With open hostility

     The south Korean military laid bare its attempt to carry out the US-south Korea joint military game.

This is clearly reckless and dangerous showdown to worsen the situation in and around the Korean peninsula again.

In the meantime the military has indulged in petty wiles saying “reduction” or “postponement”.

However, it is only an awkward gesture to deceive the mind of the people, mislead public opinion, and veil its wild ambition to invade the north.

The need of the US-south Korea joint military drill being urged upon by the military is the one for putting into practice new plan of operations and mastery of it to invade the north.

And efficient attainment of the exercise goal means the completion of actual war capacity for the preemptive strike on the north.

These facts removed the hypocritical veil from the military.

The whole world came to know the true color of the war maniacs hostile toward compatriots, and whipping up confrontation and war hysteria.

The military warmongers are the provokers following the US, clinging to war and breaking peace of the Korean peninsula.

They will never avoid the responsibility for grave result to be caused by their warlike move.

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