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Withdraw Right Now!

On Feb. 7, the Busan movement headquarters called a press conference in Busan, carrying placards written with “The US 7th Fleet, leave lagoon Paekwoon right now!”.

Blue Ridge has made port to take part in south Korea-US military drill to be conducted on March every year. How should we see its entrance of the port on March this year? Don’t disturb peace and unification on the Korean Peninsula and remove Blue Ridge at once!, they raised their voices.


It’s only deception although it has advertised it as a friendly visit. Blue Ridge has put into port to take part in the joint military exercise on March and August every year. It’s very clear why it put into lagoon Paekwoon this time when the joint military drill is scheduled. We demand Blue Ridge to leave now and warn the US armed force that they would face a sharp protest of the people in Busan as soon as they land in Busan, they asserted.

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