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Women’s day in sorrow

 March 8 is an international holiday for all women in the world.

This should be the happiest day when women enjoy their rights to the full.

However, south Korean women spend this day in sad tears.

The percentage of employment of women is lowered year after year.

Nevertheless, women suffer under the burden of toil in poor working conditions, are still threatened of wage discrimination, and liable to be sacked for marriage, pregnancy, childbirth, and so forth.

Moreover, crime against women including sexual assault and date violence is becoming an extremely serious social problem.

Countless women commit suicide, depressed by sexism, which is rampant in this society.

Women are ignored in political circles. and their political views are treated with silent contempt, there are many unbearable discrimination and aversion including a differential wage rate system, sexual abuse and sexual objectification to be endured and fought against in woman’s life, an activist for the protection of women’s rights censured.

They cannot but lament over their misfortune of womanhood in this unequal society.

However, the DPRK women enjoy the same rights in all realms of political, economic and cultural life as men.   They are also provided with special favors as a woman.

They give birth to their children without the least inconvenience and are given treatment gratis.

Moreover, the triplets and their parents are provided with doctor in charge as well as dwelling house and necessities of life by the state.

Thanks to the law and policy guaranteeing women’s rights and respecting their individualities, all the women in the DPRK lead worthwhile and happy lives.

When shall women in this land live decent lives enjoying women’s rights and displaying their dignities?

This is a unanimous desire of the south Korean women greeting the women’s day.

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