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Workers’ drive against retrogressive labor reform

South Korean workers’ action against the south Korean authorities’ retrogressive labor reform is fiercer.  

The Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU) entered into a large-scale general strike across south Korea on July 20

The workers staged general strike at more than 250 worksites in 14 areas demanding the abrogation of anti-worker policy, stop to suppression of the KCTU, stop to restructuring sacrificing workers, wage-hike and ensuring of the rights of part-time workers, teachers and government employees.

The KCTU held a rally for the general strike with attendance of over 11 000 workers in Seoul. The acting chairman of the KCTU said that the government and capitalists branded the general strike as an illegal and egoistic and asked back that who take an illegal act and drive the part-timers to death.   

The business groups are discharging the workers by enforcing the labor restructuring and suppressing righteous trade unions activities, and neglecting to take appropriate measures when the part-timers are killed or wounded by accident, he noted.  

The chairman of trade unions of public transportation warned that unless the piecework system aiming at mass dismissal is withdrawn until September 27, the workers of the key industries and public sectors would launch an indefinite general strike.

They went to the building of the national assembly to hold another rally.

They poured out their hearts that a high-ranking public official defiled the popular masses as dog and pig. They branded the high-ranking bureaucrats of the “government” and the police, servants of the power, as dogs barking at their owners and the plutocrats as pigs as they betray even the people to meet their interests.

The righteous action of south Korean workers, who want to lead a life worthy of man, would keep a vigorous progress.  

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