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Yoon regime riddled with crimes

Nowadays, south Koreans’ curses on and indignation at the Yoon Suk-yeol regime, which sparks off all sorts of vices including social disorder, economic ebb, destitution of people’s livelihood and war crisis by its inability and self-righteousness, are ever increasing.

“The Yoon government has amplified crisis during last year”, “We feel choky. The tenure of Yoon’s office has four years to go”, “Let’s prevent war by ostracizing the Yoon regime!” and “Let’s withdraw Yoon, the cause of all vices”, these are the outcries heard in every nook and corner of south Korea.

It’s an eruption of the south Korean people’s indignation at one-year long of Yoon’s rule.

South Korean people’s concern about the advent of the republic under prosecution with inauguration of Yoon has come true.

Running against wishes of people, Yoon appointed important positions of the power organs including presidential and administration offices and the National Intelligence Service with those from the Prosecution Service to make the republic under prosecution and create public chaos.

The Prosecution Service, police and National Intelligence Service posing themselves as bodyguards of Yoon have suppressed people from all strata demanding the right to live as “criminals” and “hooligans”. They have condemned the struggle of the democratic forces for justice and progress as the forces acting on the directions of north Korea and imprisoned people, turning south Korea into a land of darkness.

It stamped out democracy and civil rights by suppressing the workers and opposition parties, and outlawing the trade unions.

Under the Yoon regime which has laid the blame for ongoing economic decline at the door of the former regime, the trade balance has reached the ever highest red figures, business groups are on the verge of bankruptcy and the lives of the people are driven to bay.

What is more intolerable is that the situation of the Korean Peninsula is pushed to the brink of war and humiliating pro-Japanese treacherous acts are being committed without end unprecedented in history.

The Yoon regime is repeatedly talking about provocation and threat from north Korea, while paying lip-service to security through strength and preemptive strike against north Korea. A roaring sound of war is heard everywhere in the sky, land and sea of south Korea by thoughtless moves of the Yoon regime and all the people are shivering with fear of war.

At the same time, the south Koreans’ pride is distressed by the south Korean authorities’ open connivance at the revival of Japan’s militarism for re-aggression and denial of its past crimes.

There is no end to enumerate all the crimes committed by the Yoon regime. In a word, all domains including politics, economy, people’s livelihood, security and diplomacy are in the worst peril.

The current situation accurately shows that as long as Yoon is in power, misfortunes of the people and confusion in south Korea can never be mitigated.

The Yoon clique will meet a stern judgment by the south Koreans.

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