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Yoon, step down from the presidency!

     A few days ago, the Progressive Federation of University Student in Gwangju, South Jeolla Province held a press conference in demand of the resignation of Yoon Suk-yeol, the root of deteriorating people’s livelihood ,in Gwangju.

This is such a wretched time when even cabbage is too expensive to make kimchi, the participants gave vent to their pent-up anger.

They accused Yoon of piquing himself on stabilizing house price even in a desperate situation in which prices soar while on the other hand, people’s livelihood is getting impoverished.

They made an appeal to the public to rise up against Yoon Suk-yeol, censuring him who is not only plunging the economy into recession, but also inviting war on the Korean Peninsula while repeating a diplomatic fiasco.

They performed a symbolic ceremony to punish Yoon in effigy with people’s hands.

They chanted slogans “this is an order of people to step down, Yoon, the root of deteriorating people’s livelihood!”, “Yoon inviting a danger of war, resign en bloc without a delay!”, and “let us drag down Yoon, being ignorant and self-righteous, a ringleader of disturbing peace, from the presidency!” in the ceremony.

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