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Yun Seok-yol turned into a warmonger

 Yun Seok-yol, a presidential candidate of the People’s Power Party said “preemptive strike on the north”, a thoughtless remark.

In denunciation of Yun’s reckless remark

Moreover, such expressions as “eradication of communism” and “the north is our principal enemy” were openly carried on his Facebook.

So the civic organizations of many strata including the Preparatory Committee for the National People’s Action asserted that Yun is ineligible for the candidate for the presidency.

Saying that preemptive strike is a war declaration and war leads to ruin of the entire nation, they urged him to resign as a candidate at once.

Political circles including the Minjoo Party of Korea and the Justice Party demanded that Yun Seok-yol, a warmonger, must immediately eat his absurd words forcing a war on the Korean nation, saying that the preemptive strike means an all-out war.

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